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American Whiskey Seminar with Peter Vestinos $75 limited space

An exploration of the history, science, politics and events which helped make whiskey America’s spirit of choice.  We will define American whiskies, how they are produced, how to assess the quality of a whiskey and take a look at two key whiskey cocktails.  A seminar for those with a basic knowledge of spirits and the whiskey category.

This is a rare consumer focused class taught by Peter Vestinos aimed at true enthusiasts of whiskey.

This seminar will cover:

Whiskey Defined: What does is mean to be legally designated a whiskey, with a focus on American whiskies.

History: A brief global history of whiskey, with a focus on its role in American history.

Production: The step-by-step processes of producing a whiskey, from grain to glass.

Assessing: How to taste whiskey and assess its quality.

Key whiskey Cocktails: A step by step review


·        The Old Fashioned

·        The Manhattan


Peter Vestinos is an award-winning bartender with years of experience designing and implementing cocktail programs, training bartenders and sales teams, and consulting with spirit brands. With over 13 years of experience in the bar and restaurant industry, he has worked at all levels of the business including behind the bar, distribution and supplier. He currently serves as the Chicago chapter President of the United States Bartenders' Guild and is Beverage Director for The Betty and Sparrow.  


Peter Vestinos